Why so many Swedish PRE breeders are angry – authorities now step in

There’s been a lot of upset and angry feelings among Swedish PRE breeders and owners with how Spain has chosen to handle stud book services for us. Some background can be found in this blog entry, and I will try to recap the last years developments that last week culminated in a request from the Swedish board of agriculture to their Spanish counterpart to review how LG ANCCE PRE are handling stud book services for Swedish breeders and owners (official document enclosed at the end of this entry).

In the aftermath of last years surprise association, formed by a handful of people, unknow to the rest of us and handed the collaboration contract by LG PRE in order to circumvent the democratic process and will of the majority of the old association, a lot of old ”shit” bubbled to the surface. Like stud books services not carried out despite being paid for, requests left unanswered if made by the ”wrong” people etc etc. Most of us (yes, I’m one of the ignored) thought we were alone in being ill treated by the Swedish collaborating people, but as it turned out we weren’t.

Our first step was to write an open letter to LA ANCCE PRE requesting direct access to them for stud book services. AFter all, they are the ones handling the studbook. This letter (in the end signed by 84 people) can be read here.

Several breeders also contacted the Swedish board of agriculture as they are responsible for the control of stud books in Sweden. They have previously been unable to help as their juristiction has only been for stud book associations in Sweden, and LG PRE is in Spain. But in December 2018 a new EU regulation gave them mandate to request that the responsible authorities in other EU countries take steps to ensure probler handling by stud books in their respective countries. Equine passports and registrations are not only a matter for breeders of horses, it is regulated by the EU.

As far as we know this is the first time this new regulation is used. The Swedish board of agriculture have recieved much information and supporting documents of stud book cases gone wrong, or that have not been performed despite payments made, all documents sent and proof of delivery. The Swedish representatives have stopped replying after recieving the documents from one owner. There are several other cases.
On top of this the extra middle hand also slows down the process and increases costs, including paying double VAT on all services (which is against EU rules!). We have had this situation for long enough, Spain has claimed they wouold honor the democratic desicions made by the general assembly of the SWedish associations, but when changes where made they proved not to honor their previously given word.

There’s a lot more to this story, much, much more, but I will stop here. I have written about it in Swedish, let me know if you wish for more information in English.
BElow is the official request sent to the Spanish authority.

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